The most innovative graphics card manufacturer in the world

As a partner of NVIDIA, we work closely together to expand our wealth of available resources. This key partnership enables SPAKLE to be the first to launch new products and reduces the time it takes our products to reach the market.

About Sparkle

Strong marketing channel distribution strategy for global operations

SPARKLE markets products worldwide in over 80 countries, and 5 continents. With highly flexible distribution channels throughout the world we are able to develop and expand our brand profile across the globe. Although the headquarters of SPARKLE are in Taiwan, we have strong marketing centers based in other key territories. Through the recruitment of an international R&D and marketing team, and over twenty years of accumulated manufacturing capabilities, we are able to continuously innovate and set benchmarks for the industry, creating new generations of graphics cards in the process.

Philosophy and vision

Our philosophy is "Innovative leadership, excellent reliability" and is the core concept in everything SPARKLE does. Through these principles we are able to develop core technologies, create innovate designs, and ensure we have excellent quality standards, all while making a diverse range of products. As well as this, we are committed to delivering a high standard of customer service, while developing Taiwan and working towards international industry standards to become the best in the world.

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